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Integration opportunities

The combination of HighTouch + AMOcrm covers all the tasks of organizing sales via messengers. HighTouch itself does not provide customers with a full-fledged CRM system, and we see no point in repeating what is already perfectly implemented in other projects.

Your manager will be able to handle clients on WhatsApp and other messengers without leaving amoCRM. And only enter HighTouch to reconfigure flows.

By activating the HighTouch widget in amoCRM marketplace, you will be able to:

  1. Automatically create cards of clients communicating with bots.

  2. Read manager and bot chats with clients in amoCRM client cards.

  3. Communicate with the customer on behalf of the bot without leaving amoCRM.

  4. Add a WhatsApp Business API channel to amoCRM.

  5. Write the first message to the client on WhatsApp.

  6. Write to the client on WhatsApp using Salesbot.

HighTouch is an official WhatsApp Business API partner. We provide one of the best current WhatsApp Business API integrations with AMOcrm.

Подключение виджета

1️⃣ Register on the platform HighTouch.

2️⃣ Log in AmoCRM.

3️⃣ From "Settings" → "Integrations", locate the HighTouch widget in the "Online Chats" section.

4️⃣ Click "Install".

5️⃣ Enter the login and password you used when you signed on the platform. Check the box to confirm your consent to the processing of your AmoCRM account data on the HighTouch server, click "Authorize".

6️⃣ From the projects (stores) available to you, you will need to choose one that will be connected to AMO.

7️⃣ Click "Install".

Great, the Widget is connected!


Receiving messages

Now all new bot subscribers will go to Uncategorized.

You will be able to view the entire correspondence history between the bot and the customer in the card, as well as send messages from the dialog window inside the deal.

The entire correspondence history is saved both in AmoCRM and in the HighTouch chat center. Breaking the integration will not lead to data loss.

Sending messages

You can freely text current bot subscribers in all messengers except WhatsApp.

👉 The HighTouch widget extends AMO functionality with the "Emoji" button, allowing you to insert an emoji into your correspondence:

WhatsApp limits the ability to reply to a customer to an interval of 24 hours (for more information, see WhatsApp Business API)

To text a client on WhatsApp after 24 hours, you need to send a paid "template" message (HSM).

HSM messages can also be used to text a customer first on WhatsApp, even if he is not a bot subscriber.

How to be the first to write on WhatsApp

According to the rules of WhatsApp, you can't send advertising or any other messages to users with whom you haven't had a conversation before, unless the client has written to you.

The exceptions are paid HSM messages (template messages), which are agreed in advance with WhatsApp and have a service nature, for example:

"Your order # has been successfully delivered to the pickup location at: ".

When you send a service message to a user or the user writes to you first, a 24-hour window opens. After each customer's answer in the chat, you can send him any messages for free for twenty-four hours. After that time, you can only send paid template messages, pre-agreed with WhatsApp. Read more about WhatsApp rules in the article WhatsApp Business API.

Sending a template message

1) To send a template message to a user, create a deal in AmoCRM with his/her phone number or open an existing one.

2) In the deal card click the text entering field. You will see a "template" icon. Click the icon.

3) Select one of the matched templates and fill in the required fields.

4) HSM templates must be coordinated in advance (done through HighTouch tech support). Learn more about template matching in the WhatsApp Business API article.

5) Click "Submit".

WhatsApp in Salesbot

The WhatsApp channel (as well as the other messengers) can be used in Salesbot without any additional settings. Just give it a try.

PRO: Working with AmoCRM subjects in HighTouch flows

You can make any operations with transactions, contacts and companies, tasks and notes right in the course of the flow execution. For example:

  • Advancing the transaction through the sales stages as the user goes through the flow

  • Fill in the fields of the client card with answers to questions

  • Create a task for the deal, if the client asked to pass the question to the manager

After connecting the widget you will have two new cubes "AmoCRM":

AmoCRM Create - creating and changing entities.

The cube allows you to create AMO entities, link them to each other, and load fields with values from variables. The details of how to use each operation are described in the notes to the cube settings fields.

AmoCRM Search - searching for entities and reading data in variables

The cube allows you to search and extract data to a variable from a Transaction, Contact or Company, similar to the built-in search in the AMO interface. The search will be done by ID, name, phone number and attribute values.

If more than one value is found by the query, the first of them will be used.

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