Creating and sending broadcast

This feature is easy to understand and very simple to use.

For WhatsApp broadcasts, check WhatsApp Broadcasts page for details.

  1. First of all prepare the flow to send to users.

  2. Open the "broadcasts" section, in the left menu.

  3. Click on the "+ create" button to create a new broadcast.

  4. Select the channel you want to send the broadcast on from the available options.

  5. Choose broadcast content (the flow to send).

  6. Select the audience you want to send the broadcast to. It's a subscribers or group chats for Telegram or subscribers and a list of phone numbers for WhatsApp channel.

  7. Save your broadcast by clicking on the "save" button.

  8. Select your broadcast in a broadcasts list.

  9. Click the "▶️ Start" button to run your broadcast.

Before sending a broadcast, make sure that you have the necessary permissions from the users. Also, ensure that you have tested the flow and the audience selection to avoid any errors or unintended consequences.

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