The "Delay" block allows you to pause the flow for a while to send a delayed message and set it to pause until a certain time so users are not bothered during non-working hours.

How to set it up

Setting up the "Delay" block is done in three simple steps:

Enter the number of days, hours, minutes or seconds for which you want to set the delay.

Time Window

The delay can be set to the second and the time window must be a multiple of ten minutes.

In the settings, you can choose the specific days and time interval at which the pause will be removed.

The pause time cannot be shorter than the amount of time specified in the settings!

However, the pause can be longer if the delay interval has passed, but the right day (or the right time) has not yet arrived.

Time zone

HighTouch supports full operation with dates and time zones. You can set a default time zone for the store in the settings section. All formulas with dates, conditions and delays will work with the selected zone.

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