Telegram. Creating a bot

What is a Telegram bot

Telegram-bot is a special account for your company, where you can communicate with customers using pre-defined scripts.

A bot's account is different from a live person's account. Username bots always end with the word bot (for example, english_school_bot)

  • The bot automatically processes and sends messages to your users

  • Chatbot responds to customers 24/7

  • You can activate integration with your system and all requests will be automatically created in it

  • Bot helps to automate marketing, sales, and business processes and reduces the load on human operators

Creating a Telegram bot

To create a bot, go to the Telegram app and search for bot @BotFather

@BotFather – the official assistant for creating and editing bots in Telegram. Below we will tell you how to create a bot.

The entire process of creating a Telegram bot is shown on one screenshot:

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