How to avoid WhatsApp blocking (banning)

We work with the best API providers that offer individual IPs, secure authorization, and a system of artificial "guards" to protect you against bans. But, these methods will not help if the user is careless about the rules of working with WhatsApp and sending spam to clients. Even with the official API, it's possible to get banned for violating WhatsApp policy.

But, if you combine security tools with reasonable use of the service, your number will be completely safe. We advise you to stick to the following recommendations:

  1. Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages by portions, not all at once. (After a couple of months you can increase to 20 per minute.)

  2. Take into account user reactions to messages. Usually 10 clicks on the "Spam" button from the client are enough to get the number blocked.

  3. The fact that there are links in the messages increases the probability of being banned. It is a good idea to use link cutters.

  4. Do not exceed 6,000 messages per day. If the number will be higher, it is better to use several different numbers.

  5. Do not use a device (smartphone) with a previously banned account.

  6. Receive more incoming messages than outgoing. The more incoming messages - the better. Maintain balance.

  7. Do not add users to group chats who are not in your address book.

  8. Involve customers in communication, use interesting content. Build communication with customers in such a way that they respond to you and actively participate in communication.

If you follow these recommendations, the risk of being banned is minimal.

For a 100% guarantee, we recommend connecting the official WhatsApp Business API channel.

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