​Flow Builder Interface

On our platform, you can create any flow that fits the needs of your business.

Flows in HighTouch are made of a combination of blocks connected by links to each other.

The system contains various types of blocks "for all occasions". The wide range of blocks allows you to implement almost any communication task, and if necessary, the system can be expanded with additional modules that implement non-standard functionality.

Creating the flow

To create a flow, enter your HighTouch account, go to "Flow builder" and click "Create".

Flow operations

A flow can be renamed, duplicated or deleted. Just click on the three dots and select the desired operation. If you already have several flows, you can make one of them the starting flow by clicking on "make default".

After changing the name, press Enter on the keyboard to save.

Starting flow

Any of your flows can be made the start flow. If you have only one flow created, it automatically becomes the starting one. There can only be one start flow, and that is where your bot's interaction with the user will start. The start flowis marked with a green line to the left of the flow name.

How to navigate in the flow

Use zoom in, zoom out, and center buttons at the left edge of the box to easily move around your flow.

Blocks menu

The block menu appears after clicking on the plus sign

Add a block to the flow

To add a block to the flow, simply select the block and click on it.

Connection with another block

Typically, flows contain several types of blocks, depending on the complexity of the process. Each block contains several connection points. They are marked with gray circles. The blocks in the flow are connected with lines going from one block to another. To connect the blocks, you must click on the starting point (circle) next to which it says "Next Step" and draw a line to the point of the block with which you want to connect the starting block. If you want to connect one of the buttons in the message to another block, you must draw a line from the gray point (circle) to the desired block.

To delete a link between blocks, hold down the Shift key, click on the line you want to delete (it will be highlighted in blue, as in the image below), and then release the Shift key and press Delete.

Delete & Copy

Move your cursor on the block and an action selection window appears.

Click the "Copy" icon to copy.


Any information in the block can be edited using a special menu. To do this, click on the block itself and make/modify the information in the pop-up menu on the right.

To save the information you have entered in the block, you must click the "Send" button at the very bottom of the block. If the menu was closed while editing the block and the "Send" button was not pressed, the data will not be saved.

Default step

"Default step" is the first block from which the user's interaction with the bot will start when he enters this flow.

Any block in a flow can be assigned as a "default step", meaning that it can be made the starting block for that flow.

To set a block as the "default step," you must go to the edit menu, check the "Default step" checkbox, and click the "Send" button at the bottom of the edit screen.

If block is selected as the "default step", a special green check mark will appear at the top of this block.

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