Comparison of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API

Let's compare two ways of working with WhatsApp. Advantages and disadvantages:


WhatsApp Business API

You can freely write to the client first.

To write to the client first or write him 24 hours after the last conversation is possible only with a paid template message (HSM). The cost is about €0.07 per one started dialog.

You can send any content (that does not violate the law)

Templates for such HSM messages must be pre-approved

Message throughput: No more than 5-20 messages per minute and no more than 6,000 messages per day

Message throughput: Up to 600 messages per minute and up to 36,000 messages per hour

Physically, you need a smartphone with a fast Internet connection all the time.

A physical smartphone is not necessary.

Standard blocking algorithms

It's almost impossible to get a lockout

Works with any existing personal or service number

Only works with new numbers

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