Template messages

WhatsApp Business API message templates or HSM templates

A template message is a message that will be sent to the client to initiate or continue a conversation outside of the 24-hour window.

The text of such messages must be coordinated with WhatsApp. Unagreed messages will not be sent.

WhatsApp template messages are specific message formats that the company uses to send messages to consenting people.

Posting Restrictions:

WhatsApp has limits on the number of chats you can send messages to.

There are three levels of such restrictions (Tier).

  • Tier 1 - Every company starts with Tier 1 when connecting a business account. It allows contact with no more than 1,000 users per day.

  • Tier 2 - up to 10,000 unique chats per day.

  • Tier 3 - the maximum level, up to 100,000 unique chats per day.

To switch from Tier 1 to Tier 2, WhatsApp requires that you maintain a high enough quality of messages and send at least 2,000 unique users in total during the first seven days.

If the quality of your messages falls below the acceptable level, WhatsApp will flag your account and give you seven days to fix it.

If the quality does not increase in that time, your Tier will automatically drop. This is described in more detail in the WhatsApp manual.

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