Bot subscription/unsubscription

Bot subscription

By default, all new users are "subscribed to the bot". The flow will run when the subscriber sends messages. To check if a user is subscribed to a bot, go to the "Chats" section and open a dialog with the desired user. To the right of the dialog is the subscriber's card, where all information about the subscriber is stored. The values of all variables are also stored there.

Bot unsubscription

Any user can be unsubscribed from the bot. This is necessary, for example, if your manager wants to continue the dialog with the subscriber himself.

If the user is unsubscribed from the bot, when the user sends any messages to the chat, the bot will not respond.

You can unsubscribe a user from a bot with the Operation block or Manually on the HighTouch platform.

Manual subscription/ unsubscription setup

To manually unsubscribe a user from the bot, go to "Chats".

To the right of the selected dialog box is the subscriber card. To unsubscribe a user from the bot, click ( stop bot ) in the subscriber's card. After this bot will not respond to messages from the user.

To return the subscription to the bot, click ( run bot ) in the subscriber's card. The bot will start working and responding to the subscriber's messages again.

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