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HSM template categories

Categories of WhatsApp Business template messages
These can be customer service responses, appointment reminders, delivery information, problem resolution information, and payment updates. There are several categories of template messages:
Issue Resolution
Notify the client about the status of the solution to his/her issue
Reservation Update
Reservation status notification (for HoReCa and entertainment)
Ticket Update
Did a customer ask a question? With this type of template, you can keep them informed about the resolution of the question.
Important: This template type allows you to send messages outside of the 24-hour window.
Alert Update
Used for more general WhatsApp Business templates. For example, updating the delivery time of an ordered package or provided service.
Appointment Update
Has the customer made an appointment for a check-up or a massage? With this type of message, you can ask them to confirm an appointment or send convenient reminders.
Personal Finance Update
To inform the client about the status of his account and other financial services. For financial institutions. Important: Familiarize yourself with WhatsApp requirements for using this type of template.
Shipping Update
Will allow customers to keep track of their order. This can significantly reduce the number of questions your customers have.
Account Update
Inform customers about changes related to their account. For online services or online stores.
Payment Update
Notify the customer of payment receiving or notify the customer of a refund for the product or service return.
Transportation Update
For companies involved in passenger transportation. You can exchange tickets, share information about flight delays or luggage.