WhatsApp Business API

Phone Number

Decide which phone number you want to use under the WhatsApp Business API. This is important because once the API is enabled on this number, you will no longer be able to run the normal WhatsApp application and personal correspondence will be inaccessible. It is better to have a SIM card, not a virtual number, so that there will be no difficulties with disabling various redirections and voice answering machines (this should be done before connecting the API).

Download the WhatsApp Business app and authorize in it from this number. You need to have access to the app before the process is complete; you'll need to accept and send a code.

Documentation set

To pass the verification and to conclude a contract on WhatsApp Business API, gather a set of documents. You need good quality PDF files without stains, creases, torn fragments, etc. With stamps (regular or digital)

Here you can find what documents you can submit for business verification processing for your country of residence.

Signing the contract

  • We send you the questionnaire to fill out

  • After receiving the completed questionnaire and the set of documents, we start the verification process on Facebook.

  • We send you an agreement with HighTouch (Dialog AI) to use the service (chatbot builder, contact center, mailing lists) and WhatsApp Business API channel.

Registration in Facebook Business Manager

You register in facebook business manager and add our manager as one of the administrators. He sends all the documents and monitors the process.

Add a second administrator in the "Users" → "People" section

*After successful verification, you will be able to remove the second administrator.

The verification process can take from 2 to 10 days. Verification is done to ensure that your business is legal, active, and has correct business email, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Status confirmed

Your number is now connected!

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