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In order to be able to make your own bot, you have to be familliar with the service's abilities.

The menu above speaks for itself as it is divided into 8 parts and each section is dedicated to it's own function.

Channels — here you can choose and connect the messenger for you bot.

Audience — a list of people that have ever engaged with your bot.

Chats — a way to manage your bot and keep a track of it's work.

Growth tools - tools to help you with attracting new users.

Broadcast — an instrument to manage your mailings.

Flow builder — a simple step by step model of costructing your bot.]

Settings — a list of other functions that are also important to be considered in order to explore your bot potential to the fullest.

Help — that's where you are right now, here you can get a better understanding of how our service works.

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