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Lets say that you, for example, need to interact with a client just to gather information, promote your product or answer the client's question. We have a message button for that:

The "message" block is multifunctional, but we will talk about the other options a little bit later. First of all, lets look at it as a simple default step - it can be used as welcoming messages, where the bot can start workin with a client.

To it add some info and makee it look better to a customer, you can attach photos, files or any data from a variable

When your client has gone past the welcoming stage with the bot, there are plenty ways of developing the conversations further - one of them is multiple choice questions.

It's doesn't take much, yet also gives a simple way of gathering even more information and saving it to variables.

Let's say we have a flower shop, and a customer wants to choose some kind of bouqet

As you can see, multiple choice gives more scenarios with you clients, or can also be used just to save the answer to a variable with no further action at the moment.

But what if you need to ask a unique question which requires a unique answer that can not be put as a choice? Well, as we have said before, there is always a variable. which means that no matter how the answer looks, it can be just saved in order to be used later.

For example, if you ask a user a question: "What is your name?", the name he writes in the answer will be saved to his card.

For example, to address a user by name, you can use the variable . Instead of the variable the user will see his name.

When saving the answer, it's going to stay in a variable chosen by you and can be inserted in later steps of your bot.

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