Viber. Creating a chatbot

Terms & Definitions

Viber chatbot - implemented through a public account Viber is a program with which the user can interact, communicate to achieve some goal.

Public accounts are specially created public accounts for communication and interaction with customers (including chatbots). A special case of public accounts are public chats, where a group of people communicate.

Viber-link - a special link to open a contact, chatbot or other resource in the Viber application. It begins with a special prefix viber://. For example: viber://pa?chatURI=hello2bot.

The process of creating a bot step by step

1️⃣ Go to the development site: You must have the Viber app installed on your smartphone beforehand.

2️⃣ Enter your phone number and log in.

3️⃣ Viber will send a confirmation code, enter it and press "Next".

4️⃣ Click "Create Bot" and fill in the required fields:

  • Account Image – Upload a 400x400 picture that will be displayed in your public account profile and as an icon in your messages.

  • Account Name – The name that will be displayed in the bot's header.

  • URI – Think of an identifier by which you can find the bot.

  • Category – Choose one of the 7 main categories.

  • Subcategory – Select from the list the subcategory in which your bot will function.

  • Language – Select a primary language.

  • Account Description – Describe in detail the bot to be created.

  • Website Address – Specify the address of your site if you wish.

  • Email Address

  • Location

5️⃣ At the bottom, check the box accepting the agreement and click "Create".

6️⃣ After that, you will receive a Viber authentication token. Copy and save it.

7️⃣ Enter the account_name and the collected token into the creation card of the bot on the HighTouch platform:

Congratulations! Your Viber bot is ready!

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