Instagram Direct для RetailCRM

HighTouch provides an Instagram Direct connection to RetailCRM. The connection is made through the widget Instagram (HighTouch).

👨‍🎓 Technical support for the module is provided through WhatsApp.

pageConnecting the module


  • Minimize your activity in the Instagram app on the phone. When you're in the app on your phone, you intercept the push notifications on which the module is based. Thus messages can come to RetailCRM with a delay of several minutes or not come at all.

  • If you need to work with the app, never click on push notifications, or the messages will never reach RetailCRM.

  • If you change your Instagram profile password, you'll need to reconnect the module through our support

Answers to common questions

Are there any delays in sending?

1-3 seconds.

Can I connect multiple logins to one RetailCRM account?

Yes, it is possible.

If you have any problems with the connection or operation of the module, please contact HighTouch support in the personal cabinet of the module, we will be happy to help you.

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