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Referral system

You can make referral campaigns. Each user can get their referral code in the message.
If this code is used as part of a link{{{ getRefCode() }} So, the person who follows this link will be considered a referral of the user who published this link.
There are other commands that can be inserted into the message text: Get your referral code:
{{ getRefCode() }}
Name of the user who invites you:
{{ getReferrerUsername () }}

The number of your referrals:

Get the number of your invited referrals total:
{{ getReferralsCount() }}
Get the number of your invited referrals with tags "Wallet" and "Twitter":
{{ getReferralsCount() ["Wallet","Twitter"] }}

The list of your referrals:

Get the list with names of all your invited referrals:
{{ getReferrals() }}
list with last 10 referrals, and formatted with every name on a new line:
{{ "\n".join(getReferrals(10)) }}
Get a list of my last ten referrals that have been assigned the "Wallet" tag:
{{ getReferrals(10, ["Wallet"]) }}

Multi-level referrals:

Campaigns can be multi-level. So, you can display number of users on selected level of your referral pyramid.
Get the list of 10 last referrals of 3 level (line) that contain the "Completed" tag
{{ getReferralsCountByDepth(10,3, ["Completed"]) }}
getReferralsByDepth (depth, limit, tags)
or if you use only 1 or 2 from 3 parameters:
{{ getReferralsByDepth(depth=1, tags=["Completed"]) }}